Production Team

 We are a group of kickass women producers and filmmakers working together to not only bring this gem of a story to the big screen, but we are also joining others like us to dispel the belief that sci-fi is a male dominated genre or that it's a genre that people of color are not interested in. Thank you in advance for, joining and supporting us on this journey. 

Meet the kickass Production Team

Yvette Phoenix Joseph (Writer, Director & Executive Producer)

Yvette's script, "DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE," will mark her debut as a screenwriter and director. In her most recent project, the short film Harlem Love, Yvette served as producer, costume designer, and actress, which afforded her tremendous accolades in the Huffington post, being recognized for her ability to capture the authentic style of the Harlem Renaissance period. Yvette has studied Acting, Screenwriting and Directing Actors with The Independent Film School, Fiction writing with Gotham Writers and Screenwriting with Women on Writing.  Yvette is a member of Women in Film LA and New York Women in Film and Television.

Nadhege Ptah (Producer)

NADHEGE PTAH is an actor/writer/producer/dancer/director of film, stage, and theater. She began her artistic journey dancing in her mother’s womb and made good on that promise. She has starred in several leading and supporting roles and has worn many hats for various productions. Ptah is founder and CEO of the Harlem-based production company MAAT Films. Her work attempts to shed light on social injustices while igniting change in many American communities.   

Michele Baldwin (Producer)

Michele Baldwin is an American, multi-talented creative artist: Actor, Award Winning Producer/Filmmaker and an overall Inspirer with over 20 plus years experience that encompass all aspects of the Entertainment field: Film, TV, Theater and the Internet.  Michele is very passionate about her work and feels amazingly blessed for the gifts and talents God has given her.  She has an extensive arsenal of theater and film projects under her belt as an actor, and an array of screenplays, TV shows and stage plays as a Producer, Writer and Director.  

Danielle S. Mooney (Co-producer)

In 2012, Danielle S. Mooney decided to bet on herself. Averting her fears of this crazy industry, she got her feet wet in the world of film by joining the hit web series Finding Me, the Series as a Production Manager. Since then she has immersed herself in the craft by taking film and writing workshops and working as a PA, Production Manager, and AD on various projects. Danielle aims to create authentic films that focus on self-discovery, intimacy and how people relate to the world around them; with a focus on the African-American and minority experience. Most recently, she co-wrote and produced her first feature film Water (2017), a multidimensional story about a woman’s journey of self-discovery that highlights the complex integration of art, love and sexuality. She is currently a co-writer of the upcoming webseries DEKA-LOG: James & Danielle, a spin-off of Finding Me, the Series; and is working on a rewrite of her first solo project, a short about a mother/daughter’s relationship against the backdrop of mental health and suicide.