Welcome to Hillside Pharmaceutals

Christine and John are research scientists at Hillside pharmaceuticals. A testing facility where curses and cures are created.

Christine is the lead scientist and John is her senior research assistant. They are preparing to present their project to the board of directors in hopes of receiving additional funding when all of a sudden the facility goes into a total lockdown due to a harmful agent released into the air ducts.


The airborne agent could cause accelerated Alzheimer's and fine-motor skills to deteriorate quickly.

 The facility is evacuated except for Christine and John.   The two characters delay their escape in the attempts to take away valuable information pertaining to their project.     


Once locked in...

Christine’s instinct is to fight; she desperately tries to find a way for them to survive until help arrives. Initially, John exhibits the flight response. When he is faced with uncertainty, he surrenders to their circumstance – until Christine gives up when hope for survival begins to seem grim. 

Then it is up to John to fight, if not for himself then for Christine or surrender to the inevitable.